How long does it take for my Emergency messages to be sent?

All messages are sent within seconds of being received by our computer, and normally all get delivered within 10 to 15 seconds, but may vary depending on Network congestion in your area.

How will anyone know where I am?

Most of your respondents know your general movements. Your husband, wife, business partner etc. all know where you live and work. In the event you activate the Panic Button, these people are able to take intelligent steps to locate you or can take other action as required

How do I pay for the service?

FAMILY WATCH will run a debit order on your bank account each month, and will deduct the monthly subscription automatically. Alternatively you may be part of a corporate group scheme where payment is made on your behalf, and debit orders do not apply.

Will the service still work if I have no Airtime on my phone?

Although you activate the PANIC ALERT by making a TOLL FREE call, your phone does need to have a small amount of Airtime in order to connect momentarily to our server. Once the computer sees your phone ringing the call is instantly disconnect and all the Emergency messages are sent on your behalf. So always keep a little Airtime on your phone in case of a real emergency

Is there a discount for corporate users?

FAMILY WATCH offers significant discounts to corporate users who care for their staff. Rates are so low many companies include it as part of the employee's package.