The first step is to set up your Activators and Respondents. Go to the login page and log into Setup using the details provided by your organization. Once you have set up your Activators and Respondents, follow the steps below to transform your phone to a mobile Panic button.

Use the menus on your handset to activate Speed Dialing.

Add the Family Watch Activation number *31#09602002450469 to your Phone Book and then set it as a
Speed Dial on your phone, preferably on button 5.

Now you are prepared. In a real life emergency, simply press the SPEED DIAL button you have
selected and your listed respondents are contacted by SMS automatically. This saves you precious
time in a real emergency (and you do not pay for the SMS messages).

The emergency message we send to your respondents reads:

EMERGENCY ALERT: Joe Bloggs on 0767995316 has activated a PANIC ALARM
from their cell phone and needs HELP. Respond urgently.

Make sure the respondents you list know what action is expected of them if you use the